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SchoolBanks.Com was designed with the daily tasks of K-12 bookkeepers, treasurers, administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students in mind.

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Manage classroom book check-in and check-out.

Track iPad and Laptop inventory.

Keep track of other supply items that are checked out to students.

Secured Cash

Track petty cash for clubs and organizations.

Track student fees. With the parent/student portal, no obligations will be left unpaid.

Secure online transactions.


Run real-time reports. Within minutes, you will be able to send reports out to your parents, students, and teachers.

Parents and Students can also use the online portal in order to track obligations and fees. 

Secure Data

Cloud based and On-prem solutions are available to best suit customer needs.

We take cyber security seriously. From the hosting providers we choose, to the robust authentication we allow, we take pride in securing your data and access. 

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