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Quick Start Guide
Start here if you need to get up and running quickly!
  1. START YOUR TRIAL - Click here to start your 30-day trial. No payment information is needed for the trial.
  2. CHECK YOUR EMAIL - Once you complete the 30-day trial form, you will receive an email with the link you need to complete your setup.
  3. COMPLETE YOUR SETUP - Setup just requires you to answer a few quick questions about yourself and your school.
  4. IMPORT YOUR STUDENTS - Using the CSV import, you can quickly import your student data file from your existing SIS, or you can use SchoolBanks to quickly create your students.
  5. START ENTERING DATA - Start entering your fees, obligations or check out devices and books to your students. We can even import this for you if you have it in a spreadsheet or some other database.
  6. SCHEDULE A WORKING SESSION - If you need help, or just want some one on one attention, click here to schedule a working session with us.

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