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K-12 Fees, Obligations and Assets

Focus on education while we track finances, manage inventory, secure petty cash and enable online payments. 15+ years servicing the public and private education sector.

Secure Cash and Track Obligations

Remove the possibility for money to go missing. Club sponsors are now able to enter dues in SchoolBanks for each student and allow the student to pay in the bookkeeper or treasurer's office. With the SchoolBanks general fee choice, a teacher can quickly assign class fees to their students in a matter of seconds. Coaches can assign sports fees to their teams and check-out equipment within minutes and quickly track the items during the student's career.

Inventory iPads, Laptops, and Books

With the new version of SchoolBanks, you are not limited to only checking out books. You can use it to check out equipment, uniforms, digital equipment, and other items. Manage uniform, equipment, iPad, laptop, and book check-in and check-out. Allow SchoolBanks to ease the pains of textbook and digital device check-in and check-out. Our system will hold a check-out and allow them to quickly be turned into obligations during the check-in process.

Secure, Instant Payments

Accepting online payments is the best way to ensure students can stay on top of their financial obligations. We make that easy for you by partnering with one of the largest payment processors (Stripe). In just a few easy steps, you can begin processing online payments today!

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Our Financial Student Information System (SIS) gives you the flexibility of most standard SIS tools while also focusing on the financial lifecycle of students. Our web-based application follows the SIS standards allowing you to quickly load students, class schedules, and teachers. School Districts can quickly load all schools as well.

Go Digital

Remove the burden of paperwork in your financial lifecycle. With our system, move your operations to 100% online. With our APIs, we can quickly integrate with most other systems that you need.
We aren't a one stop shop, but we empower you to enhance your daily work experience. 

Mobile Friendly

Our web-based solution is extremely mobile friendly. With our responsive design, you can interact via desktop or mobile at any time. Your students are on the move, and so are you. We will remove the limitations of being strapped to a desk and allow you to work freely from wherever you are.

Payments to Go

Most businesses and even schools need the ability to accept payments on the go. Whether you need to quickly service a line of seniors waiting to graduate, or accept payments for your homecoming game, our platform and partnership with Stripe will give you the most secure online payment experience available.

Take it from our long term customers...

“SchoolBanks.com where Bookkeeping and Accounting is made Simple”
...My overall experience with SchoolBanks.com has been phenomenal and I will continue to use this system to enhance and grow my business for years to come.

Lorenzo J.
Owner - JAM Prep Academy

...obligations and/or dues for class or club fees will be written in detail
...excellent tool to notify students on details of any fees due for classes and/or club, by requesting a printer friendly screen
...allows the teachers to enter their own student obligations, allowing both the teacher and student to access a print friendly screen for exact bookkeeping

Elizabeth G.

This is an excellent program to track student obligations. the price is affordable and easy to use. Customer service is excellent as well. They are always just a phone call away to help with any problems or questions. Finally, they are incredibly open to any and all suggestions from their users.

Christine S.

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